“Dream big, work hard and make it happen.


I moved to the USA from Hungary more than 8years ago now. I have my own business now, I’m a lash artist but on the side I love modeling. Training, looking good, living a healthy lifestyle was always important for me. I competed once in my life, got my medal, reached the best shape of my life but now I just keep a healthy balance!

Why I am part of ALPHA Territory

I love being part of Alpha Territory. Not only being a model but I enjoy designing the clothes too! The team has a great energy, shoots are always fun.

Frequently Asked Questions

How's your diet like?

I believe only in flexible dieting! You have to have balance, that’s the only way you can keep a diet for a life.

How long have you been training?

I’ve been training since I’m 15years old. However lately I was very busy with my job but always find time do some exercise at least 4times per week.

How is your cardio routine?

I don’t do to much cardio, usually twice a week 20-30 min!