It’s Time!

With an amazing customer satisfaction, acceptance to our high quality, crafted products and a constantly growing community that fully believe and support what we stand for, our mission and vision could not be more clear: We want to grow with you!


We are looking to continue growing our pack, as well as our desire, mission and vision of expanding our foundation and concept behind everything we do: to promote Confidence, Motivation and ALPHA Mindset.

Influencer Affiliates opportunities will be available for those interested in becoming part of our brand’s infrastructure. The goal is growing our global awareness to the next level, while inspiring our community member to unleash their ALPHA inside and become better.



  1. Must have a SOLID, fitness-focused1 influencer engagement and audience.
  2. Must have 5K fitness-focused1 followers or more.
  3. Must have a unique interest and commitment to be part of our brand.
  4. Must be loyal, represent our mission and vision and support us with pride always and anywhere.

1. The audience type you have created. In this case we will carefully check for a fitness-focused audience quality, authenticity and engagement.

*Must to have a PUBLIC Profile, not Private.

**Must be at least 18 (eighteen) years old.
  • Paid commissions from referred sales, starting at 10% and will increase as you bring more sales.
  • Micro Influencers (10k to 100k followers): Free Merchandise trial to use on your posts and to promote your affiliate link or code to generate referrals. You will also have access to internal deals and other perks.
  • Macro Influencers (100k+ followers): Free Merchandise plus Paid Contract.

Your account will include dashboard access to see all your affiliate’s traffic data, tracking followed links from promotions, actual converted sales and statements from the commissions generated through the sales.

*A FULL AUDIT of your social media account(s) will be conducted to measure your engagement and  audience potential before approving your application.