This is not your average Ambassador Application. You won’t be just a “number” or just a “promoter” like you might have seen with other big names in the industry, where they are banking lots of profits and giving the ambassadors pretty much NOTHING.
We created ALPHA Territory under a FAMILY and TEAM WORK concept where we we focus on
QUALITY, No Quantity.

We prefer a small ALPHA Team that believes in the brand, its potential and concept. Our ALPHA Pack members have the motivation & drive not only for fitness, but for themselves as a person, keeping their passion and bringing the best version of what they can be everyday. Our ambassadors have the potential to influence others that could be at a beginning stage of reaching their goals and/or in the process of becoming the best ALPHA version of themselves.
Moreover, we seek ambassadors that, while being part of the ALPHA Territory Family, collaborate and bring ideas to the table. They are team players that exchange their passion for fitness with the rest of the pack in order to expand our ALPHA Concept and Vision.

Being an ALPHA Team Member requires much more responsibilities than just taking pictures and tagging us on Social Media. We want people that think outside the box and bring concepts of their own to the ALPHA Family. We are forming an infrastructure now, and WE WANT LEADERS. Remember, WE ARE STARTING but at the same time we are beginning this journey together with YOU. We will keep you with us along the way as long as you FOLLOW OUR ALPHA LEADERSHIP PACE.
While there’s still a lot of things that we have to figure out along the way, we know on thing for sure: WE WILL NOT LET ANYBODY DOWN THAT BELIEVES IN THE ALPHA TERRITORY’s concept and vision.

This is our vision of how we plan to TAKE CARE OF OUR TEAM from this early starting point and going forward:

  1. We don’t want you to buy anything from us: We’ll send our ambassadors merchandise to wear and represent ALPHA Territory in a regular basis. However, if you want to buy clothing for yourself, our ambassadors will have access to some merchandise at a reduced cost.
  2. You start promoting. Then what? After you start promoting ALPHA Territory that will allow us to supply you with more products to represent our brand.
  3. When will YOU make profit besides receiving merchandise? Once you start promoting our merchandise and increasing sales, that will allow us to give you a percentage of everything you promote to sale by using your own personal link.
  4. How will this ALPHA Pack be different from future ambassadors? This group is ALPHA Territory’s foundation team, composed of people that so far have demonstrated a legitimate interest and passion for our brand. There will be opportunities in the future to transition from the Ambassadors Team to different departments and titles as the company re-structures in order to continue growing at a more corporate level. Therefore we will start filling in positions looking within our ALPHA Territory’s Team, based on each member’s individual expertise.

*Ambassador Opportunities will still be available but it will be at ALPHA Territory’s discretion to reach out to those members that we believed, have earned a more closer role with ALPHA Territory by having proved loyalty, constant support and pride to become a pack member of ALPHA Territory.