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Lifestyle Transformations, the ALPHA Way!

This is your area for Motivation. There is nothing special about these people here. It’s all Self Confidence, Motivation & Mindset and about gathering all the necessary tools to start your journey and enjoying it along the way towards an ALPHA Transformation.

Different mindset

Before I started my bodybuilding career, I was like every other kid, just waiting for the weekend to go out, have fun drinking and all that stuff. I didn't really have any passions but [...]

My Road To Being An ALPHA!

Being 23 years old, I was really self-conscious of how I looked, felt, and how clothes just didn’t seem to fit right. At the time, I was a salesperson. So you can only imagine [...]

First Step on Olympus

My Story One time during a military operation I had a shoulder injury that affected my nervous system. I could not move my left arm. All the doctors said I wasn't going to be [...]

From Zero to a Hundred

Hansel did everything wrong. He ate wrong, moved wrong, smoked, drank and generally failed at health. Why I Got Started I was feeling really bad already about the way I looked in the mirror [...]