Introducing Our New

Scrunch Leggings… in Colors!

We founded ALPHA Territory to bring something new and unique to the world of fitness fashion because, let’s face it, the last thing the industry needs is yet another mediocre brand without character. And now we have added yet more character to our first introduction to colors, with a touch of elegance, quality and even more attention to the details that matter to you!

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What they’re saying about our leggings

“These are by far the BEST scrunch bum leggings I have ever tried on (my boyfriend agrees with this!). The fit is amazing, the material is great, and they are squat proof! I was so impressed I now own 3 pairs of these!”

“This is on another level when it comes to quality, attention to details with the product and the packaging, along with the overall experience as a company-customer relationship. Bought these for my wife and she loves them. Definitely buying again!”

“These are my new favorite leggings! Absolutely obsessed with them. I would wear them every day if I could.”